We are interfaith best friends, a Christian and an Orthodox Jew, embarking on two very different post-college paths toward the same goal: making God known in the world and walking in His ways. Follow our journey out of the Midwest as we both head east in search of new jobs, new friends, new adventures, new flavors of pie.

SJ is a Christian, an artist, a poet, a cycling enthusiast, an accidental extrovert, a lover of polka dots. She relocates to a small town in southeastern Ohio to restore an old house, soon to be an artists’ retreat and community arts center.

LM is a Jew, a writer, a philosopher, an aspiring chef, a hiker and picnic-packer, a bread baker, a music maker, a perpetual wearer of Crocs. She travels to Jerusalem, Israel to study at a women’s seminary.

Both can be reached at foryourhonor (at) gmail (dot) com.


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