It’s been too long. Time for a photo-fueled update.

Halloween came and went, and though I dressed in a cape and sat watching from our creepy house on the hill with a large bucket of candy, no children ventured up to my heights. I was left to enjoy the view of our valley of steeples and take disturbing photographs of the children from above.

I’m settling into my job and enjoying the confidence routine brings. There are other, less routine, delights, like making thanksgiving decorations or receiving a bouquet of colored roses from an older gentleman I met at church.

I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of getting to know my roommate’s sister better, who bravely moved across our wide state to join us in town, though living with her father on his farm in the sticks. She had me over for dinner this past weekend, trying her hand at Thai cuisine with tasty results.

After an accompanying glass or two of wine, I decided to stay the night on the couch, and was delighted by the morning light as it gamboled amongst the glittering first frost.

I slept beneath this wall,

and was given the gift of these views on my drive home from her rural abode.

Other nights I spend painting chairs, fixing walls, and experimenting in the kitchen. Did you know that if you boil beets and then cook perogis in the same water, the color of the resulting dumplings adds some real pizzazz to your plate? Same with pasta. All red food is better than the sometimes too frequent beige plate, in my opinion. In our excitement, we decided to save the beets for a future meal, so the perogis could take center stage.

I’m finally starting to feel cozy here. Miss you.