Ups and Downs

Much has happened since I last posted here, some of it trivial, but new and exciting:

  • I learned how to tell which batch of pitot is freshest by the amount of condensation on the bag.
  • I shopped at the shuk often enough to have favorite spots for produce, dried fruit, bulk grains and spices.
  • I finished a Jane Austen novel that wasn’t Pride and Prejudice.
  • I got a haircut.
And some not-so-trivial things, as well:
  • Gilad came home.
  • A young woman I met in St. Louis – 28 years old, with a 3-year-old little girl – passed away tragically of cancer, after much suffering.
  • I celebrated my twenty-second birthday.
  • My cousin gave birth to a baby girl here in Israel.
Each deserves its own post, and I fully intend to write them soon, while I still have fresh memories of these events. But I am emotionally drained from a week of intense celebration and mourning. Soon I will go back to school, and settle into my routine, and you’ll hear about my learning and my adventures bein hazmanim. Right now, it’s about all I can do, between braiding my challahs and cooking my cholent, to wish you Shabbat Shalom and Shabbat Menucha – Sabbath peace and Sabbath rest.

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